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Shannon Leigh Comedian Keynote Speaker

Shannon Leigh is a Professional Comedian, Keynote Speaker and Sales Expert, who through a unique and personalized approach, inspires individuals to achieve their highest level of personal and professional development.


Shannon's keynote topics concentrate on many areas, such as Leadership, Personal Development, Sales & Negotiation, Effective Engagement, Personal Power, Branding and Transformation. She caters to a range of clients, from CEO's, Business Leaders, Industry & Professional Association Groups, Event Coordinators down to the Individual who wants to further their development.

Shannon's background in business management and sales

leadership coupled with her comedic presentation style make her uniquely qualified to work across multiple platforms, including emcee of corporate events & industry conferences to speaking at conventions,  and SLEIGH Creative's customized BDR Outsource Program. 

The ultimate Audience Engagement Expert, Shannon Leigh captures the unique vision of her clients and connects content with their employees and audiences.

This channel is coming soon!

"As we connect, we build the power to influence."

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